Archive Cinema City 2013.

Cup Final

Gmar Gavi'a

Genre: Drama | War
Country: Israel
Year: 1991
Duration: 105 min

Director: Eran Riklis
Scenario: Nader Rizq

Cast: Moshe Ivgy, Mohammed Bakri, Salim Dau, Bassam Zo'amat, Yussuf Abu-Warda, Suhel Haddad, Gassan Abbas, Sharon Alexander, Johnny Arbid, Sami Samir, Meir Suissa, Gadi Poor, Victor Kamar, Rada Ibrahim, Roberto Pollak, Shai Avivi, David Sabar, Ofer Zohar, Doron Linnik, Uri Klauzner, Doron Tsabari, Sharon Goresh, Faraz Hanina, Hani, Moshe Bacher

Programme selection: Respect to Eran Riklis

Original language: Arabic, Hebrew, English
Subtitles: English


A young Israeli soldier, Cohen, is kidnapped by a group of Palestinian fighters who hold him as an hostage during the conflict. The 1982 FIFA World Cup happens to be on during the invasion, and their mutual love of soccer (and support for the Italian team), helps break down the barriers of nationalism and the historical baggage that the two bring. A kind of alliance is forged between the two men. Their relationship heads for a tragic ending as the Italian team, along with the goal scoring Paolo Rossi, make their march toward winning the World Cup.

Eran Riklis

Born in Jerusalem (1954), raised in the USA, Canada and Brazil, Riklis graduated from The National Film School, Beaconsfield, England in 1982. Eran Riklis is one of Israel’s leading film makers. His films nclude The Syrian Bride (2004), winner of 18 international awards, released world wide, Cup Final (1991, presented in Venice and Berlin and in numerous other festivals), Zohar (1993, the biggest Israeli box-office success of the ‘90s), Temptation (2002, based on an Israeli bestseller), the nostalgic, rock & roll film Vulcan Junction (2000) and his first film On a Clear Day You Can See Damascus (1984). Riklis directed and produced many TV films, major series and documentaries, including Room Service, The Truck, Cause of Death: Murder, Me and My Family, Lucky, Lethal Money, The Poetics of the Masses, Borders and more. He also produced films such as Three Mothers, Burning Mooki, Until Tomorrow Comes and more. Married to Dina (a filmmaker too), father of Tammy (a committed journalist) and Jonathan (a jazz pianist), lives in Tel Aviv.


B’Yom Bahir Ro’im et Damashek (1984) • Gmar Gavi’a (1992) • Zohar (1993) • Straight Ve-La’inyan (TV series, 1993) • Sipurey Efraim (TV series, 1995) • Volcano Junction (1999) • Vegvul Natan (doc. 2002) • Ha-Masa’it (TV series, 2002) • Pituy (2002) • The Syrian Bride (2004) • Lemon Tree (2008) • Fime Men and a Wedding (TV series, 2008) • The Human Resources Manager (2010) • A Soldier and a Boy (short, 2011) • Playoff (2011) • Zaytoun (2012) • Dancing Arabs (2013)