18/12/2017 07:14

"Creativity as a vocation" successfully completed

During the project "Creativity as a vocation" (November), about seventy high school students in Novi Sad had the opportunity to get acquainted with the artistic and creative industry professions.

The Cinema City Association with the support of the Directorate for Sport and Youth of the City of Novi Sad has encouraged students aged 15 to 18 years to find out first hand how it looks like to be an actor, cinematographer, photographer, graphic designer, sculptor, theater producer and festival manager.

Photography by Jovan Radaković

Through this program of informal professional orientation young people had the opportunity to spend a few hours "behind the scenes" at the workplaces of artists and cultural producers to get acquainted with the processes of formation of artistic works or projects from the perspective not available to an "ordinary" audience.

Behind the scenes, the students watched rehearsals and performances of theater performances, attended graphics and cameras classes at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, took part in workshops of the contemporary circus, etc. Thanks to this direct experience they gained valuable experience and certain opinion of professions that can be of importance when choosing a future profession.

In the Gymnasium Svetozar Markovic, an interesting meeting was held between pupils and professionals in the form of "Living libraries" where over 40 high school students "rented" actors, theater producers, editors like books. Through informal conversation, pupils could ask questions related to the choice of profession, education, types of jobs, working methods and other aspects of dealing with different occupations. After living libraries, interested students gained an even deeper insight into professions through one-day creative workshops where they learned how the idea from the idea to realization of events such as a festival or an exhibition, what it means to engage in audio-video production or design graphic solutions, looks like.

Photography by Andrej Hložan

According to pupils' assessments, non-formal professional orientation programs help them to better understand opportunities for further education and career selection, especially when considering the accelerated growth and dynamism of creative industries and the creation of new professions in this field.