21/06/2016 11:41

Creative City – for the Creative Challenges That Are yet to Come

Since its beginnings, Cinema City had primarily been a film festival, but as time went by, it became much more than that: a center for audiovisual media, a hub of cultural industries projects, and the heart of festival networking.

Carrying out a number of projects such as the New Media Festival, Danube Festival Network, Cinema Contact, Fresh Danube Films, Film It Loud, Mikser Cinema, and many others, Cinema City has organically grown into a cultural organism with the capacity and ambition to position itself as an active factor in the field of creative industries; in a word – it has evolved into the Creative City.

Although imaginary, this city relies on a very tangible network of cultural protagonists and other professionals in the cultural field, ready to provide innovative responses to the challenges of the modern society and intellectual needs of the modern man. As a result, our organization is moving towards its 10th anniversary with a new name – “Creative City”, and an ambition to extend our activities (with the Cinema City International Film Festival being our most renowned project), to other branches of creative industries.

We look forward to the new challenges lying ahead, and we proudly present the Creative City – an intellectual and creative infrastructure ready to implement many cultural projects to come, which will contribute both to society and our local community in more ways than one.

Welcome to Creative City!