19/06/2012 04:23

Cinema Now Live Academy is officially open

The third day of the Cinema City festival was marked by the beginning of Cinema Now Live Academy programme. On June 18, Cinema Now Live Academy offered its audience priceless masterclasses by three exceptional filmmakers. In the small hall of the Youth Theatre, at 16h Laurence Herszberg, director of the well-known Parisian film-library Forum des Images generously shared her interpretation of the state of the world and film, and her interpretation of Film as a voyage on which we meet the world and various cultures.

At the same location at 18h, the audience met with Jan Cvitkovič now already considered as cult Slovenian director, whose lecture was titled: “On cooking, poetry, hypnosis and film”. Cvitkovič spoke of his perspective of filmmaking, of how images and scenes come to be. About the role of a “translator” between the author’s or collective subconsciousness and film screen. On writing, cooking, hypnosis, trains, etc.

The big finish of the first day of debut Cinema Now Live Academy programme was left for presentation of the special guest of this year’s festival, Andreas Dresen. After the screening of his film “Stopped on Track”, which won him the major award at Cannes Film Festival last year, the German director held a masterclass in film directing, and shared with us the secrets as to how he managed to earn the title of one of the best European directors and how he manages to impose his topics and his “little” films with a big heart.