23/06/2016 11:40

Cinema City’s Excellent Music Program Every Day @ Firchie Think Tank Studio

Cinema City 2016: Do You Wanna Dance?

In addition to the opening show of the fantastic Jinx – on June 25, and the Cinema City closing gig by the legendary Rambo Amadeus – on July 2, at SKCNS Fabrika Open Air Cinema, starting at 11 PM, the Cinema City Festival visitors will also get a chance to see some more great music events happening at the Firchie Think Tank Studio.

Every evening, starting at 11 PM, surrounded by the unique atmosphere of the Firche Think Tank Studio, the #CinemaCity2016 visitors will get a kick out of the fantastic DJ gigs and high-quality music selected by the stars well-known for their powerful dancing rhythms.

All visitors with a valid festival ticket, which provides full access to all festival venues, may also attend all the parties at Firchie Think Tank Studio.

On Saturday, June 25, at 11 PM, join us for Party like It's 1999. DJ Moooka & DJ Timbero are more than ready to spice this party with their fantastic music selection and wow the crowd. If you wish to attend Party like It's 1999 only, without buying a ticket for other festival events, a donation to the club made at the entrance will grant you access.

On Sunday, June 26, starting at 11 PM, VKSHN will throw yet another always-fabulous party, promising happy jazz, funky, indie dance and deep house rhythms.

The one-of-a-kind diva of the local music industry, Bebi Dol selects the music for the festival and Firchie Think Tank Studio visitors on Monday, June 27.

DJ Fanatik will have his time of glory on Tuesday, June 28, when smiles, dance, and his impeccable style and taste in music take over the charge.

June 29 is reserved for Flip and his unmistakable music selection, very well known to the loyal Cinema City audience. On Thursday, June 30, those who visit the festival and Firchie Think Tank Studio will have the pleasure to enjoy the ever-excellent performance by MKDSL.

The famous conceptual artist, painter and actor Uroš Đurić, hits the DJ booth on Friday, July 1, with the single goal to swing the Firchie Think Tank Studio visitors into a great mood by simple means of his superb selection of music.

The Cinema City International Film Festival will have its musical finale on July 2, when we are hosting a joint Cinema City Party and Bike Park Bukovac After Party. The keys to the spectacular atmosphere are entrusted to Fakir and Dachony, The party will take place at Firchie Think Tank Studio, and the entrance will be free.

We wish you an unforgettable film and musical experiences @ #CinemaCity2016!

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