23/06/2016 09:09

Cinema City Recommendation: Multimedia Festival RE/8* Design Park

RE/8* Design Park to Be Held from July 1-6 in SKC Fabrika

RE/8* Design Park is a multimedia festival whose major objective is to promote eco-design, creative recycling, DIY concept and the use of alternative methods and materials in contemporary art and industrial design. RE/8* Design Park has been held annually in Novi Sad since 2011. The program includes a variety of activities – numerous workshops, seminars, lectures, group and solo exhibitions, film screenings, street-art, book presentations, etc. Every year, the major event at the festival is an internationally recognized group exhibition promoting local artists and creative people whose artwork relies on deconstruction, creative recycling and sustainable design.

The 2016 edition of RE/8* Design Park is scheduled to take place from July 1-6 in SKC Fabrika. The headline event of this year's Eco-Design Week will be the group exhibition “TOTAL RECOVER”, which will open the festival. The exhibition will feature a selection of thirty works – installations, posters, assemblages and everyday objects made by means of reconstruction and upcycling, while incorporating the principles of environmental ethics into art interventions. As every year, the 8 key pillars of the project are: redesign, reconstruction, recycle, remake, review, reproduction, restoring and reanimation. Admission to all RE/8* Design Park events is free of charge.

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Let’s get together from June 25 to July 2 in Chinatown and Limanski park!