02/06/2012 06:21

Cinema City presents competition selection Educons Hungry Days

Educons Hungry Days is a selection the concept of which was successfully presented at last year’s Cinema City Festival, and which this year is entered into competition programme of the Festival. International selection Educons Hungry Days presents debut films or second films of independent production, which regard the world from the most peculiar perspectives. These are the films for all film lovers, admirers of a different and more sincere view of reality, philanthropists, and curious characters. Treat yourself with an “international adventure” – meet the most colorful parts of planet Earth, from the darkest green to icy blue, intense imagination and new experiences that the authors of these accomplishments selflessly share.

Selector behind Educons Hungry Days selection is Stefan Ivančić. Through carefully chosen films he will speak of his own film vision and idea of an “International Film”, a postulate according to which boundaries of national cinemas are surpassed and universality of images “written” in film language is celebrated. “I think that the seven films that shape this year’s Hungry Days selection, all debut or second films, deeply connect with the idea of the International Film. Images in these films belong not only to directors who made them, but to us as well. The reality that we share may be found in all communities represented in these seven films – in the world of a little girl living on a pig farm somewhere in rural France, shown in Nana; in the dark side of modern Russia, as seen in Twilight Portrait; in the farthest corners of a small island Corvo in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in epic It’s the Earth Not the Moon; in the scars on which present Brazilian community is built in Neghbouring Sounds: in young Israeli terrorists fighting the Israeli bourgeoisie in Policeman; in the work cycle of a black immigrant working on a former military island Faro in Sweden, in Persona Beach; and finally, in the belief that utopia exists in Duque’s motion pictures – Dress Rehearsal for Utopia. I am happy that we will share these images – says selector Ivančić.

Cinema City International Film Festival will this year be held from 16 June to 23 June. In addition to always popular review selections, the Festival will also present four competition selections: National Class, Exit Point, Up to 10,000 bucks and Educons Hungry Days – each one finding a unique way and concept of celebrating independent production and unhindered film expression and presenting new trends in world and national cinematography.