Cinema City @ New Creative District

In search for a spot which goes beyond the predictable, we have discovered Chinatown and Limanski park, the alternative art-themed neighborhoods, revamped from an industrial area into the art district.

Preserving the Liman cultural heritage of the 1970s and ‘80s, Chinatown is today re-emerging as an alternative cultural area, in which the local micro production in artisan workshops intertwines with the music club scene and local cultural initiatives, thus creating a new identity of this area.

The potential of this neighborhood to generate and welcome numerous creative initiatives could accelerate its revitalization into the art district throughout the year – a process in which we choose to be engaged.


The entire program of this year's Cinema City Festival will be hosted at this unique location, the New Creative Quarter. This revamped industrial zone possesses a unique charisma giving a special touch of originality to the atmosphere and overall festival experience.


From June 25 to July 2, Cinema City visitors will have a chance to indulge in our superb festival program, which will be presented in the open-air cinema in Limanski park – Amstel Open Air Cinema, open-air cinema in Chinatown – SKCNS Fabrika Open Air, and in indoor areas SKCNS Fabrika and Quarter.


The favorite festival venue – Firchie Think Tank Studio, together with some new, hidden gems of Chinatown, such as the Indoor Cinema space, will certainly contribute to the fantastic atmosphere.


In addition to the above mentioned venues, a number of projections will also be screened at another attractive site, SKCNS Brod Teatar, located on the Danube quay. Brod Teatar is an open-air spot, open and free of charge to all those who wish to visit and taste the atmosphere of the 9th Cinema City Festival!


See you @ Creative Quarter:

Chinatown & Limanski park