18/06/2011 06:19

Cinema City liftoff!

Cinema City 2011 opens today at Arena Cineplex, starting at 20:30h. Multiple-award-winning Polish director and novelist Dorota Kędzierzawska will, for this occasion, present her latest feature, “Tomorrow Will Be Better”. At Berlinale 2011 this film won her a Peace Film Award and a Grand Prix for best feature film. Sergey Lavrentiev, the renowned Russian film critic, stated: “Dorota creates films which bring us back to under the wing of classic Polish film school. A remarkable Polish film is not dead! It lives in her film shots.” Dorota’s unique film vision shows ordinary people, leading their ordinary lives, often following destinies of underprivileged women and children.

The screening precedes gala opening, where two special recognitions for contribution to film will be presented to two authors who made a significant mark on domestic and European cinematography. Dorota Kędzierzawska will receive Ibis award for her contribution to European film. Our notable director Srdjan Karanovic will be presenting the award. Milos Ignjatovic, director of the Festival will present the second Ibis award to Velimir Bata Zivojinovic, one of our most prolific authors. On Saturday, under the sky of an open-air cinema at Danube Park, visitors will have a chance to se Zivojinovic’s cult classic “Walter Defends Sarajevo”, where he made one of his most memorable roles.

Music opening at Petrovaradin fortress follows. Don’t miss the opening gig of Darkwood Dub, whose new album is soon to be released under Exit label. British DJ and musician Ritton, author of a great DJ sound and a member of the Carte Blanche duo, comes next. Last year’s soundtrack composers, The Good Guys, who are famous for their lively and attractive gigs, will also entertain the audience. Medicine Man, composers of Cinema City 2011 soundtrack will present their new album Data Jazz. Kanda Kodza and Nebojsa will complete the music lineup with t heir new album, Manifest.

The party starts at 21:45h. Entrance is, as always, free of charge.

Other locations will be opening on Saturday as well. The Open-air cinema at Katolicka porta will be host to one of today’s most provocative films, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, signed by world’s most famous graffiti author, Banksy. The same evening you can see “The Furious Force of Rhymes”, a glance into the world of hip-hop, which breaks all existing preconceptions. Another open-air cinema, at Danube Park, will be opening with Yugoslav cult classic, by Hajrudin Krvavac, “Walter Defends Sarajevo”, starring Velimir Bata Zivojinovic. Cinema at the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad is the new location this year. It will open with a film from Nobarcode selection, “Tokyo Freeters”, which tells a story of the so called net-refugees, Japan’s new category of workforce. This film is followed by a music film “A Star is Born”, which follows director Vanja Kovacevic, on her journey to becoming a drummer in an alternative rock band.