14/03/2013 03:24

Cinema City in cooperation with the DORF Festival presents: Film It LouD

This programme is
funded by the EU

A new project, “Film It LouD” officially commenced on Monday, March 11, 2013. This project represents collaboration between DORF from Croatia and Cinema City from Novi Sad. The project is supported by the IPA cross-border cooperation between Croatia and Serbia funded by the EU. Duration of the project is one year, during which time numerous activities will be held at the time of these two festivals, but also after the festivals.

The “Film It LouD” project is dedicated to the amalgamation of music and film. Through numerous workshops led by seasoned professionals, master classes held by experts from the EU, and practical work that will be mirrored in the shooting of a film dedicated to one musical spectacle, a group of chosen young film professionals or students from Serbia and Croatia will get a chance to prove their talent and deepen their knowledge and artistry.

Through all this, visitors at both festivals will get a chance to enjoy the “Film It LouD” film selection and get better acquainted with Serbian and Croatian music scenes.

Film It LouD“ is construed to open new possibilities for the young people from the world of film and music, to connect the film and music scenes of these two countries, and create new co-productions and creative and fruitful friendships.