10/06/2009 12:09

Cinema City from a Visitor's Point of View

Novi Sad got the cinema again. And not just one but eight! At least temporarily people from Novi Sad can enjoy the energy which is brought by the film screen. Knowing that cinema's atmosphere can not be substituted by four walls and a TV (or in most cases a computer monitor), people swarmed the streets, being aware that this privilege of cinema city will not last long. The proof of that are sold-out projections two days in advance, but not only for premières, but for the reruns as well!

Monday, 8th June, was the day for Lovely Loneliness (Amorosa Soledad) by the directors Martín Carranza and Victoria Galardi. Apart from successful premières of domestic films, where the great number of visitors is not questioned, we wanted to feel the atmosphere of "subsidiary" selections - in this case New Latino Film selection. The story about a lonely girl, who, after being left by her boyfriend, can't seem to do anything properly, and to whom nothing really happens in life, is a story which would mostly attract female population. So it was the case. Full small hall of Serbian National Theatre speaks for this popular phenomenon of female solitude, and the story with humorous scenes in which at least some of us could recognise ourselves, helps us try to overcome this period easier. Of course, the main character Soledad (Loneliness) in the end finds a boyfriend when she least needs him, and, thanks God, the hospital is right behind the corner of his new house. In case you haven't realised, to top it all Soledad is a hypochondriac.

The cute film won the hearts of many visitors, so the rerun projection on the next day, 9th June, at small hall of Pozoriste Mladih, was packed with visitors, this time there was also male population.

After that, there was a short break in the unofficial "pit stop" of Cinema City festival - beer parlour - Gusan. Always full, especially in the evening, Gusan continued last year's tradition of hosting foreign visitors thanks to good cuisine, among other things. This time the crew of the film The Life and Death of a Porno Gang was there, and while passing crammed tables, trying to get the only free table left, we could hear some Spanish, English and a bit of Serbian language, but with a foreign accent.

Some come, some go, so with the fresh crew we went to the only projection of the film Babel at Dunavski Park, which started at 11.15 pm. Is it necessary to remind you who the screenwriter of the film, whose success and quality is proven by endless list of awards, is? Still, the screenwriter and special guest of the festival, Guillermo Arriaga, appeared to announce this film, accompanied by Duda Lakić, a selector from Exit Point Selection, who introduced the famous screenwriter, both in English and in Serbian. The introduction was very casual and we could feel being close to this man who is at the top of the list of world-class screenwriters.

Should we even mention that the projection was fully packed? And that people were sitting and standing around the seats for audience? While we were going there to get the seats, half an hour earlier (which was not a mistake), we ran into some friends whose comments were all coming to this: "I've seen the film, but it's brilliant so I'm going to see it again!" Well, luckily we hadn't seen the film, and from the moment it began we couldn't turn our eyes away. There are many reviews and critiques written about this film, but honestly this is a film which you watch without looking away. After 143 minutes it was time to go home and meet again the next day. At the same place, and maybe not.