21/06/2011 10:53

Cinema City – Day 4 – Premieres

At 16h, hall 1 of Arena Cineplex is reserved for the story of Jess and Moss, two cousins who spend their summer on a Kentucky tobacco farm. Faced with loneliness and their emotional turmoil, they turn to each other for support.

At 18h, same place, you will have to choose between an excellent drama "Cerro Bayo" and the shocking horror “The Camera murderer” based on Thomas Glavinic’s novel by the same name. The former is a part of the Exit Point selection, and will screen at hall 5 of Arena Cineplex, while the latter is screened in hall 2.

Albanian-Italian co-production, the comedy “Balkan Bazaar”, directed by Edmond Budina, asks a very peculiar question – could you sell your father’s and grandfather’s bones if it were a highly lucrative business? How will this moral and comic dilemma come to an end, find out today at 20h, Arena Cineplex, hall 2. After the screening the audience will get a chance to greet actor Visar Vishka who not only stars in this film but also holds a seat among the jury members for the Exit Point selection.

A premiere of the omnibus “October” for which tickets have been sold out for days now, is one of the four premieres within the National Class selection. The premiere starts at 20:30h at hall 5 of Arena Cineplex. “October” is directed by seven young and extremely talented directors, Milica tomovic, Ognjen Isailovic, Ognjen Glavonic, Damir Romanov, Dane Komljen, Senka Domanovic and Ivan Pecikoza.

At the Cultural Centre you can see Sylvain George’s “May They Rest in Revolt (Figures of Wars 1)". Sylvain followed the journey illegal immigrants to Calais, a town in northern France where they cross the Canal to Britain. Following a group of “people without papers”, the film awakens profound emotions as simply as it offers its shots of their everyday lives, eating, sleeping, moving – which basically sums the (non)living of these secretive people.

At 22:30h at hall 2 of Arena Cineplex, comes a documentary feature „Shooting vs Shooting”. This is an international documentary shot in nine different countries, which sheds light to many dark tales around deaths of journalists and other media workers in Iraq, from the beginning of the war in 2003 till today. The purpose of this documentary is to present the way Bush’s administration manipulated the media in order to convince the public to accept the inevitability of the war, to show why war correspondence changed since Vietnam and why journalists, if they opt for independent reporting, become targets in a cross-fire.

Gaspar Noé’s fantastic “Enter the Void”, nominated for Palme d’Or in 2009, is a story completely told through hero’s point of view. It is a truly amazing vision on life after death and a promise which trumps everything, even death.

Have a great time on Day 4 of Cinema City festival!