16/06/2012 14:48

Cinema City – Day 1

Film programme of this year’s international film festival Cinema City will officially be opened at Serbian National Theatre, the main festival location, with Xavier Durringer’s The Conquest. Already presented at Cannes, Hamburg, and Valladolid, this excellent political drama depicts the simultaneous rise and fall of Nikolas Sarkozy, former president of France. The film will premiere on June 16, at great hall of Serbian National Theatre at 20:00h.

After this film, at the same location, beginning at 22:30h the audience will get a chance to enjoy “The Salt of Life”by Gianni Di Gregorio, Italian screenwriter, actor and director. By way of including his acquaintances, even his ninety-year old mother, Di Gregorio managed to create a great existentialist film, which tells a warm, optimistic tale of a sixty-year old looking for “new love adventures”.

Katolička porta – a must see!

At the only open-air cinema location, at 21:15h the audience will have an opportunity to see Matthew Akers’ lush visual and hypnotic film journey into a radical performanceof Marina Abramović in “Marina Abramović: The Artist is present”. This accomplishment brings us closer to an impeccably intriguing woman, who does not draw the line between life and art. At the same location at 23:15h the audience can see an exceptional Portuguese drama “Blood of My Blood”. This masterfully directed family drama depicts the harshness of Lisbonlife and sacrifices that two women are prepared to take for their families. This film won the sympathies and awards at many international festivals.

Arena Cineplex Hall 1 – don’t miss!

Within MTV presents: Burn Planet Rock review selection the audience will get to see a documentary “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster” which is a fascinating and analytical portrayal of one of the most successful heavy metal bends of all times, in their times of great personal and professional challenges while shooting their first studio album after a five-year hiatus.

Arena Cineplex Hall 4 – don’t miss!

Beginning at 20:30h a debut film of the French actress-turned-director Katia Lewkowicz, “Bachelor Days Are Over”, which won sympathies from the audience at Cannes 2011, which tells you enough that this achievement should not be missed. After this film, beginning at 23:00h you will get to see two documentaries, “Search and Destroy: Iggy & The Stooges' Raw Power“ a film that goes into the core of the band The Stooges and tells a story of their album “Raw Power” which, although proclaimed a complete failure, continues to inspire young and up-and-coming stars; "Brian Eno – Another Green World"– a portrayal of Brian Eno, a composer, producer and music theorist, through intimate conversations with his contemporaries from the world of music, journalism and science.

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

Inside the renovated inviting space of the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, starting at 21:00h you can see one of the best documentaries in the last couple of years, “It’s the Earth not the Moon”. This film, which won numerous awards, including “Golden Gate” at San Francisco IFF, is a three-hour Atlantic odyssey, comprised of 14 chapters, shot in dizzying pace that follows the life of a civilization isolated in the middle of the ocean. The two-man film crew of “It’s the Earth not the Moon” introduces us to over 500 years oldcivilization, the history of which is little known due to lack of evidence and written memories.

We wish you great times during the first day of the Festival

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