30/08/2018 05:01

Cinema City Association in Ankara - International training "FeeLMS for Creativity"

In the period from April 3 to April 7, the coordinators and the most active participants of the international project "FeeLMS for Creativity" will have the opportunity to attend the "We practice creativity" seminar, which will be held in Ancona (Italy) within the Italian festival Art + B = Love (?). At this final seminar of the project "FeeLMS for Creativity" will be presented the experiences of the participants and the activities that they realized during the period from the first international training (September 2017) until now.

International project "FeeLMS for Creativity" is realized by five organizations with extensive experience of working in the culture and creative industries: Sineglossa (Italy), Pro Progressione (Hungary), the Association of Domino (Croatia), cultured and the Association of Cinema City (Serbia). Partners are gathered around a common belief that there is a need to introduce a truly innovative approach to youth work in a combination of methods and experiences of culture, creative industries and youth entrepreneurship.

The project is supported by the Erasmus + program of the European Union, and co-financed by the funds of the Secretariat for Finance of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

The project "FeeLMS for Creativity" started in March 2017, and in the previous year, partner organizations exchanged good practices and experiences in working with young people using arts and creative resources through an online learning platform based on open-source Moodle Learning Management system - LMS, exchanging good practices and experiences in working with young people using art and creative industries.

The project was also attended by numerous professionals from four countries who had the opportunity to improve their skills and convey the acquired experiences to young people in local communities, and during this week they have the opportunity to present the results of their own organizations operating in local environments to the general public.

The first international training within Erasmus + project "FeeLMS for Creativity" took place in the program last year, the tenth Cinema City Festival, where for seven days socializing participants learn from each other, wetting is to share experiences, develop joint projects and had the opportunity to be guests of the festival and experience the creative industries in practice, enjoying the film, music and other programs in the evening.