23/10/2017 09:49

Cinema City Association hosts international training "FeeLMS for Creativity"

Young people, creativity and creative industries were in the focus of 30 participants of the international training "FeeLMS for Creativity", which was held in Novi Sad from 1 to 7 September 2017. Thanks to this project, realized within the framework of the Erasmus plus program co-funded by the European Union, young professionals from Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Serbia, who are engaged in creative industries and work with young people, had the opportunity to spend seven days in Novi Sad, exchange experiences and present the work of their own organizations operating in local communities. One part of the training was held within the program of the international film festival Cinema City whose film and music programs participants could attend during the evening and get a true picture of how creative industries and festivals work in practice.

During the training, the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with good practices and interesting projects that focus on young people, taking place in the field of film, dance, architecture, fine arts, street art, contemporary circus, IT, performance. Partner organizations on the project themselves have presented their own experiences. Association Domino from Zagreb presented its own experiences regarding the development of the audience since they are the founders of two relevant contemporary dance and performance festivals in Croatia. Pro Progressione from Budapest has brought participants closer to their projects, such as Except, which aims to animate young people from rural areas. Kulturanova from Novi Sad and Sineglossa from Ancona had a common theme - artistic interventions in organizations and linking IT and art and culture through the interesting IT application Artwalks. The Cinema City Association presented its experiences in organizing the festival and the methodology of managing festivals in general, as well as the methodology of working with young people through the creation of campaigns. 

In order to strengthen the capacities of participants and organizations to prepare and implement international projects themselves, the topics of the training were the project cycle, EU funds as a means of international cooperation, as well as the Erasmus program itself, which provides many opportunities for developing new projects. In addition, participants were presented a platform that is used for collaboration and exchange of material between the content of the project participants, as well as online learning. It is the "FeeLMS for Creativity" page on which participants will upload and share materials, recordings, photos and interesting sources of information that can be useful to other participants.

During the training, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Museum of the City of Novi Sad, the Matica Srpska Gallery, to visit Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci and to get to know their colleagues from other countries better.

After the training, the participants were given task to use one of the methods or new knowledge they adopted in Novi Sad and to apply in their work environment with young people and put materials (photographs, texts, video materials) on the online platform so that all participants of the project could follow experiences and learn from good examples.

The next activity on the project will be a seminar in Ankara in April 2018, where participants' experiences and activities that have been implemented in the meantime will be presented.