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Cinema City 2011

Cinema City Festival, held from 18 to 25 June, was marked with great ambience of open-air cinemas, sold out screenings for national premieres, as well as special interest of the young for CineYouth, Festival academic programme.

Visitors of the Festival had a chance to talk with world’s major authors like Béla Tarr, Šarūnas Bartas, and Dorota Kędzierzawska, and to attend retrospectives honoring famous directors and the legendary Serbian actor, Velimir Bata Živojinović.

The best film within the National Class selection was "Tilva Roš" by the young director Nikola Ležaić. Jan Hrebejk’s “Kawasaki’s Rose” was the best film within Exit Point selection, while Irena Škorić’s “March 9th” was the winner within Up to 10,000 bucks, the third competition selection

Cinema Now platform presented young film authors – part of contemporary domestic film, and screened their achievements at last year’s Cinema City Festival. This platform will continue to be a part of Cinema City in the years to come, focusing primarily on young authors.

Music programme was marked with exciting performances by Darkwood Dub, British DJ and musician Henry Smithson, aka Riton, Novi Sad duo The Good Guys, Kanda Kodža i Nebojša, and many others. Cinema City 2011 soundtrack was signed by Medicine Man and their album Data Jazz, a mix of genres – from jazz, breakbeat, and fusion to rock – which united creative signatures of many authors, with Igor Lečić Leka at their front.

Next to the already traditional film programme, Cinema City 2011 introduced new festival selections – Nobarcode, Hungry Days and 3600, which received considerable attention from festivalgoers. For 80,000 visitors Cinema City presented 150 films and over 60 premieres within 14 selections, and held great opening and closing parties at the Petrovaradin fortress. 

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