07/06/2010 09:01

Cinema arenas packed on the second day of the Festival

Second day of the Festival brought true joy to organizers since both indoor and outdoor cinema arenas were literally packed with audience who only had positive reactions to last night’s programme selection.

Tickets for “Blue Train” premiere, the first premiere from within National Class selection, were sold out long before the projection. A peculiar teenage comedy sat well with the audience of the Festival who greeted film’s crew with standing ovations. Journalists also had a chance to attend the one o’clock press conference organized specifically for this film. A great number of journalists attended, and the conference went really well, with crew members answering numerous questions, trying to better describe their visions of this successful film project.

At Katolicka porta open-air cinema, selector Dubravka Lakic officially opened Exit Point selection at 21:15h, after which audience had a chance to see “A Matter of Size”. The laughter spreading across packed stands of this spectacular location made this a night worth remembering.

Last night was truly a special day for one other programme selector, Petar Protic who officially opened Balkan Box selection, presenting some of the best achievements from the region, which will be screened at this year’s Festival. At 22:00h, Protic officially opened Pedja’s Film Collection. A great number of people attending only proved that the need for a trip down memory lane and a search for undying jewels of world cinematography is equally present in both younger and older audience. Fellini’s Amarcord managed to once again charm the audience, regardless of their age.

Dunavski park open-air is a true sensation of the Festival. There are never enough seats and the reason for that certainly is this year’s Animatrix film choice. This programme was officially opened by Festival’s director, Milos Ignjatovic. After his introduction, audience finally got to see the first, long awaited, Corto Maltese film. Many fans of mystical and irresistible Maltese will forever remember that experience. We’ve talked to some of them and found out that after seeing the first of five Corto Maltese films only increased their impatience for the other four. Hunger for a quality animated films is on a rampage, to which testifies a fact that almost none from the audience departed after the first screening and great number of newcomers joined in to see anime “Steamboy”.

Cinema City Festival takes particular pride in Up to 10.000 bucks selection, which honors new and young filmmakers, and this selection has a constant body of audience, hungry for discovering new film talents, new visions and inventive ideas which stay infinitely created regardless of a really low production budget. Selector Vladimir Perisic officially opened this selection and prior to the screenings, audience actively participated in organized “Q&A”, thus proving they don’t desire to be mere passive consumers.

Film adventures of the third day are in sight. Make your own must see choice and join us!