18/06/2012 13:49

Choose your favorite films on the third day of the Festival

Do not miss the repertoire of the main festival location:

At Pera Dobrinović scene at Serbian National Scene, beginning at 17:30h do not miss Ye Lou’s controversial feature “Love and Bruises”. Masterfully directed, shot in Paris, the film was based on the novel by Jie Liu Falin and speaks of a young Chinese professor who enters into a devastating erotic relationship with a possessive and somewhat primitive, but extremely attractive Matthieu. The time slot 20:00h is reserved for Bojan Vuletić’s modern rom-com “Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying”. At 22:30h the audience will get a chance to see “Good Night, Missy” a multiple winner at Pula Film Festival, directed by Slovenian director and screenwriter Metod Povec. The film portrays the story of lies, lack of trust and jealousy, which results in a dissolution of one marriage.

Katolička porta open-air cinema presents:

The fantastic open-air cinema at Katolička porta will screen two films tonite. At 21:15h you can see “Conquest”, the French film which officially opened this year’s Festival. If you missed it on the first day of the Festival, go tonite and see this political drama which depicts political rise and personal decline of the former French president Nikolas Sarkozy. At 23:15h under the open sky you can see :"The Salt of My Life” - a compassionate and optimistic story of a sexagenarian looking for “new love adventures”.

Arena Cineplex Hall 1

Simon Kaijser da Silva’s debut film “Stockholm East” presents yet another proof of originality of Scandinavian cinema. The screening starts at 16:00h. The winner of best screenplay award at Montreal World Film Festival, Emmanuel Mouret’s “The Art of Love” is screened at 18:00h. The film is a series of vignettes showing everyday life of several Parisian couples while they reexamine what they really want out of their lives. It is a film which tries, through style and discrete intent, to tell a universal story about emotions. At 20:00h the audience has this one-time only chance to see an exceptional French feature “Donoma”. At 22:30h you can see Marko Novaković’s “Menagerie” which testifies to a moral and historical dissolving of a country, placed in an environment separated from urban life and located deep inside a region where specific rules and relations among people apply.

Arena Cineplex Hall 3

It is our great honor to announce that today, at 20:00h at Arena Cineplex Hall 3 the audience will get the opportunity to see Andreas Dresens’ master piece “Stopped on Track”. Winner of 12 awards, among which the prestigious “Un Certain Regard” at Cannes Film Festival, with 8 more nominations, this film is a powerful emotional story of death celebrating life with full force. After the screening, the main guest of the Festival, Andreas Dresen will hold the masterclass on film directing, within the Cinema Now Live Academy.

Arena Cineplex Hall 4

The film programme of Arena Cineplex will surely add to the excellent mood of the Festival. At 18:00h you can see Andreas Dresen’s “Night Shapes”, from Respect to Andreas Dresen review selection. This film is an exciting and funny story which shows what happens with ordinary people, whose paths cross in a night maze of Berlin, on the eve of the Pope’s visit. The cult Hungarian film “Amerian Torso” will be screened at 23:00h. This is a masterful western, a lonely orchid among its genre, which uses an unusual narrative to follow the group of Hungarian soldiers while fighting in American Civil War. “American Torso” was shot in 1975 by Gábor Bódy, a pioneer of experimental film, film language and one of the most significant film icons in the history of the Hungarian cinema.

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

In the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad film programme will start with “Archeo”, Jan Cvitkovič’s latest feature, a story of an arch-man and arch-family. The film starts at 17:00h. From 19:00h you can give support to young and very creative authors who are competing for the award within the competition selection Up to 10,000 bucks. Go and see Wednesday, Myshoes, On the Other Shore and Beach and find your favorite among the low-budget, very entertaining films. From 21:00h you can see “Neghbouring Sounds” and through it the scars on which present Brazilian community is built. The last feature to conclude program of the cultural Centre of Novi Sad on the third day of the Festival is Vladimir Milovanović’s “The Face of a Revolution”, a story of Branko Ilić, one of the leaders of protests against Milošević’s regime in Serbia during 1998-2000.

Welcome and have fun on Day 3 of the Festival!