Archive Cinema City 2016.



Genre: Drama, mistery
Country: Serbia
Year: 2016
Duration: 181'

Director: Marin Malešević
Scenario: Dragan Stanković

Cast: Aleksandar Đurica, Ljubomir Bandović, Boris Komnenić, Ivana V. Jovanović

Programme selection: National Class


Relying on the work of Letonian scientist Constantine Raudive, Marko Mažibrada, a psychiatrist disappointed in his profession, performs experiments aimed to empirically determine whether there is life after death, by phenomenon of apophenia. Together with Simon Besedić, alcoholic and editor of Armageddon Monthly, the magazine that deals with the paranormal phenomena, Nikola Mrzopoljić, manual labourer and paterfamilias, and Eta, pharmacist and unusual prostitute which Besedić offers a relationship, he experiences a sequence of wierd events...


Marin Malešević was born in Novi Sad in 1975. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad at the Department of Dramaturgy, Film and Theater Directing, in the graduating class of Professor Vlatko Gilić. He worked as a theatre director and made several short feature and experimental films. In 2001, he refounded Kino Klub Novi Sad with a group of friends, and was also one of initiators and organizers of the Filmski Front festival, a festival of small-scale and independent film productions. He also worked as an editor and associate on several Želimir Žilnik’s films. He was presented with the following awards: Lista značajnih ostvarenja AFC Beograd, Audience Award for the Short Fiction Dobro jutro maligna ćelijo at Balkan Black Box in Berlin 2005, Flamish Screenwriters Association Award for the Best Concept (Apophenia) at Brussels Film Festival 2009, 2nd Screenplay Award (The Heart of the Wise Lives in the House of Sorrow) at Film Festival in Vrnjačka banja 2009. Golden Brigand Award for the Best Film at Potenza International Film Festival, Italy 2009. The Best Concept Award (The Heart of the Wise Lives in the House of Sorrow) - Lucania Film Festival, Italy 2010.

Original language: Serbian
Subtitle: English

Apofenija (Trailer) from PROCEDURA on Vimeo.