Genre: Comedy
Country: Serbia
Year: 2016
Duration: 108 min

Director: Luka Bursać
Scenario: Luka Bursać

Cast: Rade Ćosić, Jana Milosavljević, Nikola Šurbanović, Vladimir Gvojić, Lidija Vukićević, Slobodan Beštić

Programme selection: National Class

Schedule on the Cinema City festival:
Saturday, Sep 2, 2017 @ 21:00 - Beogradska Indoor Cinema


The nightlife at a popular Belgrade club LINE is the kind that everyone who has ever been to Belgrade talks about. Marko Mare, a bartender, Tijana-Tića, a coat-check girl, and Stefan-Kinez, a security guy, are best friend working together at LINE. They are witnesses to most peculiar nightlife scenes, clubbing that has become their lifestyle. But Mare has a different ambition - he wants to become an actor. When he comes across a casting for one of popular Internet shows, he decides to go and try to change his life.


Luka Bursać (1990) graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade with a degree in Film and Television Directing. His student films were screened at film festivals in Belgrade, Herceg Novi, Vrnjačka Banja, Trieste, Timisoara, Banja Luka and Rome. His documentary Tri caused great controversy. Luka Bursać’s graduate film Tmina was screened at almost all local film festivals.