23/08/2017 07:06

“Afterparty” by Luka Bursać Part of the National Class Film Selection

“Afterparty”, the first feature production by the young director Luka Bursać, arrives to the Cinema City International Film Festival. A satirical account of the realities of a Cheap Hublot Replica generation introduces us to the milieu of the Belgrade clubbing, showbiz and kitsch cultures, and instant hedonism.

The three best friends – Mare, the bartender, Tijana, the wardrobe mistress, and Stefan, the security guy, all work in “Line”, the notorious nightclub in Belgrade, famous for its spectacular nightlife. Clubbing has become their way of life, but Mare has other ambitions – to become an actor. When he finds out on the Internet about the Replica Watches casting for a famous TV series, he decides to apply and try to turn his life around.