30/08/2017 03:35

“Adriana’s Pact” at This Year's Cinema City International Film Festival

The only documentary featured in the 360° selection at this year's Cinema City International Film Festival is Lissette Orozco's directorial debut “Adriana’s Pact”.

The film was co-produced between Chile and Argentina, and talks about the phenomenon of recollecting the dreadful times under the military dictatorship of the 1970s and 1980s. This phenomenon has remained a taboo, but there is a growing tendency among the people who belong to a younger generation to reveal the truth about those still missing, about persecutions and political killings. Lissette Orozco’s narrative circulates around her own closest family, with a main focus on her aunt Ariana, one of the notorious junta officers, whose return from exile in Australia means a long-term incarceration in Chile.