About Gradic Fest

In cooperation with the Street Musicians Festival, Pop up (Berberaj & Public P), Scenatoria, Suburbium, Ugrip, Fruškic, Happy Trash Production, AAaaa festival join forces from 1st to 3rd of September on the streets of the Lower Town of Petrovaradin Fortress around the idea of launching GRADIC FEST.

The idea was born last year when Festival of Street Musicians was relocated to the Lower Town with the aim to wake up and bring to life this community. Then the initiative was joined by Cinema City with the wish to contribute to the ennoble this locality which has been neglected for years.

The vision of the Lower Town of Petrovaradin Fortress as an exciting art and tourism quarter where film, music, art and entertainment are being joined on the streets for three days will become reality during three days of Gradic Fest.

In order to make Gradić Fest even more closely associated with the spaces in which it will take place, the creative team of the festival has come up with this year’s festival’s visual identity which includes recognizable elements of the Lower Town. Patterns and colors which evoke the Lower Town’s cobblestones, facades and rooftops show the visual uniqueness of The Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress, which is called Gradić.

In addition to quality films from all over the world, for the 10th anniversary of the Cinema City festival, within Gradić fest, we prepare other interesting music and artistic contents in cooperation with the art community gathered around Gradić fest. All Cinema City festival programs within the City of Fest will be free.

The Cinema City film festival is organized by Association Cinema City with support of Ministry of Culture and informing of Republic of Serbia, City of Novi Sad, Provincial Secretariat for Culture, public informing and relations with religious communities and other donors.

See you soon ! :)

*Part of the text was taken from the web site of Bax & Festival of Street Musicians & Wordery movie website.