26/06/2014 08:49

A splendid mix of film and music – positive energy on the fifth day of the Cinema city festival

If you haven’t already seen a delightful little indie film “Ping Pong Summer”, you can do so today at 15h at Arena Cineplex, Hall 2. At 17:30h you can see “Strange Forest”, which had a very successful premiere last night. At the same location at 20h is the premiere of “Love Hunter”, a film about Milan Mumin, featuring our very talented actress Jelena Stupljanin. The film was directed by Nemanja and Branislav Bala. At 22:30h you can see “Why Don’t You Play in Hell?”, signed by the controversial Japanese director Sion Sono.

The programme at Arena Cinpelex, Hall 2, will commence at 15:15h with a repeat screening of “Love Building”, while at 18h we will screen Goran Marković’s “Guardian Angel” from our Respect to Zoran Simjanović selection.

Later in the evening we will screen two great films from the Fresh Danube Films selection. At 20:30h you can see the long-awaited festival darling “Vis-A-Vis”, Nevio Marasović’s second film, and “Oh Boy” at 22:30h.

At Hall 1 of Arena Cineplex we have planned the night of Israeli cinema, so you can choose between “How I Killed Rabin” at 21h, “The Band’s Visit” at 21:30h, and “Footnote” at 23h.

The programme at the cinema hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina will start at 14h with the controversial “Good Son” from Beldocs@Cinema City. At 16h you can see “Song from the Forest” from that same selection. At 18:30h Up to 10,000 Bucks selection will present: “Emergency Exit”, “Sunday Lunch”, “Regular Day”, and “1973”. At the gallery we will screen another batch of Cinema City shorts, starting at 18h.

Amstel Open Air will screen to great film spectacles – “The Disobedient” at 21:15h, and “Muse - Live at Rome Olympic Stadium, July 2013” at 23:30h.

Nestea Open Air will screen “We Were World Champions” at 21:15h, which reflects on the golden age of Yugoslav basketball, and an excellent documentary from Beldocs@Cinema City selection “Amma & Appa” at 23h.

Do not forget that tonite, at the Museum, starting at 21h you can see the selection of best music videos from the region, as chosen by MTV. Twenty five excellent videos will compete for the IBIS award for best music video.