28/08/2017 04:27

A fascinating program at the Gradić Fest

Admission to All events at Gradić Fest Free of Charge!

The tenth edition of the Cinema City International Film Festival will now become part of a new, wider initiative - Gradić fest - which will paint the streets of Novi Sad and Petrovaradin with artistic colors. 

In cooperation with the Street Musicians Festival, Pop up (Berberaj & Public P), zavvi france, Scenatoria, Suburbium, Ugrip, Fruškic, Happy Trash Production, AAaaa festival join forces from 1st to 3rd of September on the streets of the Lower Town of Petrovaradin Fortress around the idea of launching GRADIĆ FEST.

The program of the Street Musicians Festival will be opened by American street performer Christopher Paul Steling this year. In addition to Steling, in the international program Gradić fest, "Brass Band Flaach" will be performed for three days, which will also lead the ceremonial procession, the Italian master of medieval instruments Renzo Ruggiero, the Lebanese band "Love and Revenge" and the Slovenian performers "KUD ljudi". The tour will be completed by the master who makes sculptures from the balloon Sean Rooney, and you will have the opportunity to Omega Replica Watches enjoy great concerts by local performers such as Bojana Vutrušević, band "Bitipatibi" and Belgrade co-author Luke Black.

Pop Up, an entertainment platform made up of Berberaj and Public P, will present its program at this year’s Gradić Fest, from 1st to 3rd September, in the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress. The current representatives of the urban entertainment scene in Novi Sad will present their vision of the old-school fun at Trg Vladike Nikolaja Square, which is at the entrance to the Lower Town, when you turn right after the Duga Bridge.

The Walk of Senses through the Legends of the Petrovaradin Fortress is the name of the program which will take the visitors to Gradić Fest into the underground of the centuries-old beauty of Petrovaradin and introduce them in an artistic way to numerous legends which circle through its mystical underground passageways. UGRIP – Urbana gerila ratnici iz podzemlja (Urban Guerilla Warriors from the Underground) is a group of enthusiasts, excellent connoisseurs of history and mythology of the underground vaults of the fortress, who also have artistic inclinations which they transform into interesting programs in order that the visitors can fully experience the spirit of the past hidden in the foundations of the Petrovaradin Fortress.

This year, besides culture, art and good energy, the visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a little adrenaline jump organized by AAaaa Festival and Gradić Fest. The fans of extreme and so-called “green sports” will have their favourite spot in the Lower Town, on Vojno igralište (Military playfield), which is at the edge of a grove on the right after the Belgrade Gate, where the AAaaa Festival as a partner organization of Gradić Fest will have its spot for some of the less known adrenaline disciplines – airsoft and mountainboarding.

The most unusual evening dance that can be experienced by the average local claver will be part of the Gradić Fest, thanks to Happy Trash Production, a group of artists of common tendency towards unusual and unusual, or better to say the usual and everyday, but irregular to the borders of the camp and kitsch, and a little further... Happy Trash party in Podgrađe brings true disco fever, as it will be in a blasting dance term - on Saturday around midnight, at the central point at BGD gate.

This year, the Citizens’ Association Fruškać will, as a partner in the organization of Gradić Fest, have its spot in the Lower Town, in Vladimira Nazora Street. The nature lovers who are the members of this association will be focused on making the visitors enjoy the treasures of Fruška Gora Mountain, primarily wines and various home-made delicacies.

The Association Scenatoria from Petrovaradin has prepared a multilayered program for this year’s Gradić Fest with the goal of promoting the architectural heritage of the Lower Town, actively contributing to its preservation, and pointing out the fact that preservation cannot be sufficient unless it is a catalyst of change and sustainable use of national heritage sites. After the last year’s operation “Pokreni promenu, budi promena” (“Start the Change, Be the Change”) including music, walks, theatre plays, performances, interactive installations and circus spectacles, this association is continuing what it started, in the spirit of the changes taking place on the facades in the Lower Town, so that the potential of this specific urban unit can be acknowledged and used, and so that it can shine in all its glory.

From September 1 to 3, the Film Programme of the Cinema City Festival, part of the Gradić Fest, will be presented in the following open-air cinemas: the Kapija Open Air Cinema, a venue behind the Belgrade Gate, on the left side of the street; the Nazorova Open Air Cinema, Vladimira Nazora Street, on the left side of Podgrađe from the direction of Beogradska (closer to the Belgrade Gate), and Rampin put Open Air Cinema, the spot on the road leading from the Saint Juraj Church to the Fortress, and we must also mention the Beogradska Indoor Cinema, situated at the corner of Beogradksa and Lisinski Street.

Although the summer is still holding well and we are hoping for a lovely weather, the temperature significantly drops in the moats around the Fortress as the night wears on, especially at the venue of the Kapija Open Air Cinema, which is why we recommend our visitors to wear warm clothes and closed footwear.

We invite you to check out the the festival map and the #CinemaCity2017 Timetable,
and choose your festival favorites on time! All film screenings, as well as all other events at the Gradić Fest are free of charge!