15/05/2010 10:24

A bittersweet comedy “Me Too” within Exit Point selection

A multiple winner “Me Too” by directorial duo Antonio Naharro and Alvaro Pastor will screen within main competition selection, Exit Point. Visitors of the Festival will have an opportunity to enjoy this emotional drama filled with gentle humor about a man who wants to live his life in his own way without imposed rules.

“Me Too” tells a story of Daniel, a young man with Down’s syndrome. When he was a boy his mother decided to treat him as a person completely capable of leading a normal life as an individual. Daniel graduated in psychology, learned how to live and work as anyone else would, but the problem is he never stopped feeling trapped between the two worlds.

The film presents a comparison between two lives Daniel could lead: the one he has at the moment, where he managed to obtain his independence by working and communicating with people in normal fashion, and a life he could lead, a life other people with Down’s lead. Daniel observes them through a window of a school for people with special needs, where he works and he envies them on simple lives they lead, unaware of their condition. He looks at love couples and sees them object when their parents want to treat them as adults. He never had the right for such life’s attitude. His parents always treated him as an equal, but their insistence on “being normal” or at least appearing to be, in time became a burden…

When he falls in love with Laura, he begins to seriously reevaluate his identity, searching for an answer to the question who he really is. “Me Too” is not solely Daniel’s story. Through the character of his girlfriend Laura, we gain a glimpse into her situation, from her perspective. This healthy, intelligent girl also has difficulties adjusting to her surroundings. She is a girl who estranged herself from her family and who never knew the meaning of being in love. When they meet, their friendship will become the only thing letting them be who they really are, helping them find their real self and allowing them to feel normal through their companionship. However, soon it becomes clear that for Daniel it still isn’t enough.