25/06/2016 05:06

9th Cinema City Kicks off Today

Don't Miss Out on the First Day of the Festival

The 9th Cinema City International Film Festival, scheduled to take place in the Creative Quarter, in Novi Sad’s own Limanski Park and Chinatown, kicks off today and continues through July 2. The audience will be presented with more than 60 films, divided in five separate categories, which will be screened at several festival venues.

The Cinema City Festival opens with the premiere of One Week and a Day by the Israeli author Asaph Polonsky, which comes to Novi Sad after a successful screening at the Cannes Film Festival. On this same evening, our visitors will have a chance to see the Novi Sad premiere of the exciting documentary Wall of Death, and All That, under the stars in an open-air cinema, and Nemanja Ćipranić’s debut Legacy. The Cinema City audience will also get to see the stinging satire on capitalism, WiNWiN, and two other exceptional, music-themed films Lemon Tree and Paco de Lucia: A Journey. After that, the fantastic Croatian gang Jinx will take over the stage with their intoxicating rhythms and lay on spectacular entertainment as they always do.

The ninth edition of the Cinema City International Film Festival will be on from June 25 to July 2 in the Creative Quarter – Chinatown and Limanski park, in Novi Sad. The audience will have an opportunity to see 60 films divided in five separate sections, which will be screened at several festival venues: the Amstel Open Air Cinema in Limanski Park, SKCNS Fabrika Open Air Cinema in Chinatown, indoor areas SKCNS Fabrika and Quarter, the dearly beloved Firchie Think Tank Studio, and in the new Indoor Cinema. Once again this year, a portion of our film repertoire will also be presented in SKCNS Brod Teatar, an attractive site, open and free of charge to all those who wish to visit and taste the atmosphere of this year’s festival. Make sure to check out the great debut films by emerging filmmakers included in the sections National Class, Fresh Danube Films and 360°, the music-themed movies of the Planet Rock section and the inventive low-budget projects which will be screened as part of the section Up to 10,000 Bucks.

The 9th Cinema City Festival opens its gates in Chinatown and Limanski Park today at 7 P.M. The Official Opening ceremony is to take place in the Amstel Open Air Cinema in Limanski park at 9 P.M., and it will be followed by the premiere screening of the comedy One Week and a Day, the directorial debut by the Israeli director Asaph Polonsky. This film is a heartwarmingly witty story about facing death, and discovering the value of life. Come and see for yourselves why the audience at the Cannes Film Festival fell in love with this film.

The Novi Sad premiere of the documentary film Wall of Death, and All That by Mladen Kovačević starts at 9 P.M., in SKCNS Fabrika Open Air Cinema. This is an exciting story of a woman who, since her childhood, has been riding a motorcycle on the Wall of Death at carnivals and fairs around Serbia – trapped between the melancholic memories and claustrophobic existence on the last wall of death. The first film in the repertoire of the new, attractive Indoor Cinema, the screening of which is scheduled for 8 P.M., is the Austrian satire WiNWiN by Daniel Hoesel, which in a very modern way speaks about contemporary capitalism and its representatives – people as sterile and replaceable as the money they worship. At the very same spot, at 10 P.M., starts the screening of our first National Class representative, Nemanja Ćipranić’s debut film Legacy, in which the ever-burning questions of emotional and psychological endurance intertwine in a thrilling way.

The screening of Lemon Tree is also scheduled for tonight, starting at 9 P.M. in the Firchie Think Tank Studio. This is a film about the iconic music scene of the 1980s and the first band of the legendary Milan Mladenović – a must-see movie for all cinema and music lovers! After that, stay with us for Party like It's 1999, a bash hosted by DJ DJ Moooka & DJ Timbero, who are more than ready to spice up this night with their fantastic music selection, and wow the crowd. Those of you wishing to spend this summer night by the river may join us in SKCNS Brod Teatar, for the screening of Paco de Lucia: A Journey, a film about the life of the big Paco de Lucia, with a soundtrack featuring the very best of flamenco melodies, which was directed by his son.

After the film screening, the brilliant Jinx take over the charge, to stage the eagerly awaited concert in SKCNS Fabrika Open Air Cinema, which starts at 11 P.M.