05/06/2016 09:38

360° Section Presents Unusual Scandinavian Drama “Parents”

Stylistically Subtle and Richly Imaginative Portrayal of Private Lives of an Ordinary Urban Family

The 360° section, selected by Petar Protić, has been among the favorites of the Cinema City audience. Debut hits from all over the world, refreshing festival surprises recognized for their original, offbeat cinematic expression, fill the festival’s open-air theaters to the last seat year after year.

This year, the 360° section presents an unusual drama Parents, which “in a very broad and intelligent manner analyzes the ancient secret: how to fly the parental nest, but in a way which will be fair and acceptable to everyone,” says selector Protić, adding “The Scandinavian approach to personal relationships is typified by tolerance and sobriety, but also by a certain amount of egoism, which often remained out of our mental reach. These attitudes of an individual towards the self and in relation to others are the basis on which the famous director Ingmar Bergman built his dramas. The young Danish actor employs his stylistically subtle and richly imaginative debut to delve into the intimacy of an ordinary urban family.”

Christian Tafdrup (born 1978) is a renowned Danish actor who has appeared in numerous films and TV series. He has written and directed three short films, all of which have attracted international attention. Tafdrup’s drama Parents is his first feature film.

Don’t miss the great program in the 360° section!

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