Quality music warm-up is the best way to prepare the visitors for upcoming events, while promising original entertainment throughout the festival. On the other hand, the closing parties summarize in the best possible way all the positive impressions from previous days through the energy of the audience and unforgettable music performances.

Previous editions of the Cinema City festival brought us Juliette Lewis and her band “New Romantics”, who held a concert at the Petrovaradin Fortress in 2010, and great performances from domestic bands such as Darkwood Dub, E Play, Kanda Kodža i Nebojša, Medicine Man, audio-visual duo The Good Guys, Svi na pod, Vlada Divljan and Ljetno Kino Band... Let us not forget DJ virtuosos, such as DJ French Fries, Dejan Milićević and Marko Milosavljević, Flip and MKDSL, Roy Fokker and Dee Face, Felony Flats and Andree 3000, DJ Riton and other stars of contemporary music genres.

The Cinema City festival was most originally celebrated by three festival soundtracks: E-play’s third studio album “Nice to Meet You” in 2009, “Atlas” by The Good Guys duo in 2010 and “Data Jazz” by Medicine Man in 2011.

Cinema City 2013 organized its own festival within the festival – the film and music festival Planet Rock, which is the result of collaboration between the Cinema City festival and the organization HNS Creative. Planet Rock was organized in China Town, and its many stars were Kevin Saunderson, one of the pioneers of Detroit techno and Belgrade hip-hop band Bad Copy, Marko Milosavljević, DJ Klaus and X-Coast, project Don't Touch Anything – signed by Shpira (Baseline/ex-Trance Balkan Desorganisation/Hain Teny), Mosha (Terrabeats) and Marko (Anarh). The great atmosphere of the Planet Rock festival was certainly contributed by DJ Umbo from Osijek, Jackie Dagger, Yeah Left and M-Tech.

The seventh edition of the Cinema City festival was opened with a spectacular performance by the Collegium Musicum choir, which brought to life some of the best pieces Zoran Simjanović composed for numerous domestic films. Cinema City 2014 closed with a bang, thanks to our very own Love Hunters.

In addition to excellent film programme, the new edition of the Cinema City festival will bring you new and very pleasant music surprises.

C ya at Cinema City IFF 2015!