Cinema City
Cinema City
Cinema City
Cinema City
Cinema City
Cinema City
Cinema City
Cinema City
Cinema City
  • "The Festival of young people for the young at heart."
    — Elma Tataragić, Sarajevo Film Festival, EFA expert
  • "Beautiful city, friendly staff and great hospitality makes me want to return to Novi Sad."
    — Marit Kapla, Göteborg International Film Festival, EFA expert
  • "Thank you for very inspiring, energizing days during Cinema City, Novi Sad. Your focus on new auteur cinema in exciting times and changes in one of my favorite countries – Serbia – is so right! Keep on!!!"
    — Helena Danielsson, EFA Board Member
  • "Novi Sad… …is a wonderful “Cinema City”, full of life, with a young and fresh spirit! Exactly the right setting to discover and enjoy cinema!"
    — Marion Döring, Director of EFA
  • "Dear Cinema City, I want to thank you for your wonderful hospitality and the nice staff you are working with. Hoping that the festival will become in the next years a major event in Europe. "
    — Stephan Hutter, EFA Board Member
  • "Cinema City...for the love of cinema I will return once, and for the love of the city and the people I will return twice! "
    — Bruno Chatelin, EFA Board Member
  • "This is an extremely well organized and friendly event. The welcome by the people of Novi Sad was also exceptional. Congratulations! "
    — Chris Auty, EFA Board Member
  • "A great opportunity for people to see better films."
    — Derek Malcolm, EFA expert
  • "Young, energetic, open and modern festival in a beautiful and relaxed city. Thank you!"
    — Čedomir Kolar, EFA Board Member
  • "Bravo! Your enthusiasm, professionalism and good will – we were all thrilled. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
    — Goran Paskaljević, EFA Board Member
  • "Wonderful city, wonderful people, wonderful festival!"
    — Marek Rozenbaum, EFA Board Member
  • "A friendly and demanding festival, with a free and curious spirit, which is rare! Bravo! Long life!"
    — Pierre-Henri Deleau, EFA expert

Up to 10,000 Bucks: Over 50 films applied in just seven days

In only seven days since opening the call for Up to 10,000 bucks competition selection 52 films have applied from all over the world . This is a record number in comparison to the previous year , when that number stood at over 40 films. The films arrived from all corners of the world: Afghanistan, Albania, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, the Netherlands, France, Germany, ..

Open call for Up to 10,000 Bucks programme at the Cinema City festival

The Cinema City festival , which will be held from June 21-28 in Novi Sad , will officially open its call for “Up to 10,000 bucks” selection on Wednesday, April 2 . Every year this authentic programme screens the films shot with a budget of less than $ 10,000, thus promoting the creation of low-budget auteur film. This is a competitive selection and it draws films from all across the globe. In order to ..


At the official closing ceremony of this year's Cinema City, awards and recognitions were presented to the authors and actors whose accomplishments and acting skills made a particular mark. Before announcing the winners, the jury comprised of German director Katrin Gebbe, Israeli producer Marek Rozenbaum and French actor and director Chad Chenouga, emphasized that they had the great pleasure of noticing the high standard of ..